Intervirew de Hammer (anglais)


Nijel : Hi
Hammer : ho
Nijel : I'm Nijel ^^. Hu well, I think you can read it
Hammer : yeah
Hammer : had to check that mesage again ^^
Hammer : I just came home from work
Hammer : so couldnt respond earlyer
Nijel : Np
Nijel : Will begin by a simple question :p
Nijel : Who are you in Hyperiums ? Your story in few words
Nijel : Excuse-me for my english
Hammer : I came back in usa2 in round 2 and where a short time in Gatt before me and some frends made =LOD= We were bashed and founded =@=.
Hammer : In round 3 i started out in =@= and FEAR but were recruited into RA couse of my strenght. After i while iwere invited up to |.
Hammer : A while after the soft reset i left RA/| and refounded =@=
Hammer : well thats all so far, Exept that im a hot head sometimes.
Nijel : Sorry, i see you were in USA :p
Hammer : yes
Hammer : ^^
Nijel : So you have known Willem ?
Hammer : yesw me and willem were the vice presidents in USA2 under Santos
Hammer : so you can say im always aming to get in the leadership in anny alliance im part of
Hammer : only ones i have not been in the leadership of is FEAR and GATT
Nijel : Ok
Hammer : ahh and before i forgeth
Hammer : me and YM were the military leadership in RA/|
Nijel : Ok
Nijel : Were you still in private in RA ?
Hammer : I love ot plan military assaults
Hammer : im still private RA yes
Nijel : You like to make plans, with special time of attacks, and excel files ? :p
Hammer : well i dont use excel files usualy
Hammer : but when i make a attack plan i want it all planned out so nothing can go wrong.
Hammer : haste attakcs are never anny good
Hammer : and I wonder if all the military specialist of the game were having the same habits :p
Hammer : hehe i think we have basicaly the same ones yes
Hammer : with only slight differences.
Nijel : Ok
Hammer : u know in all attakc plans the best thing is to make it idiot safe. That means doing all the math and post attack times and stuff
Hammer : the key is that all forces land at the exact same time
Hammer : leaving peple to do it them self often leave room for mistakes.
Hammer : and one mistake can destroy it all.
Nijel : I agree :p
Nijel : One question about v2
Nijel : What will be your alliance in v2 ?
Nijel : What type of alliance ?
Hammer : Wel lwe are gonna be a new version of =@=
Hammer : but alot bigger than now
Hammer : I will lead it, but we will maybe divide into sister alliances after a while
Hammer : but we wil lhave basicaly the same rules about honour and activity
Nijel : What rules exactly ?
Hammer : the most important thing will be the honour thing
Hammer : Well No BH allowed for one
Nijel : So, about this honour thing...I have a question
Nijel : Yesterday, I was interwieved Willem
Nijel : And was surprised by his vision of cheat in Hyperiums
Nijel : For Willem, cheat have becomed a too great part of Hyperiums, that you must play with him...
Nijel : What do you think about that ?
Nijel : ( sorry i must explain )
Nijel : ( he don't say that he was cheating, but
Nijel : ( but, you must play with the idea that your opponent can cheat )
Hammer : I can allow if the attakcer has BH
Hammer : respect enemies and allies
Hammer : activity always
Hammer : basic rukes actualy
Hammer : but as i said the honour and respect ones are the foundation of =@=
Hammer : the tag will be Ryu if we cant get him to allow =@=
Nijel : Don't understand the last sentence
Hammer : Well Ryu are totaly against cheats
Hammer : and i dont like that DG have allowed some alliences to use the Hapi tools to much
Hammer : like mass porting and stuff
Hammer : The honour rules we have come in effect here.
Hammer : because he is cheating ?
Hammer : If we find that someone in the alliance uses cheats or play multi he will get only one warning
Hammer : if he dont stop he will be kicked
Hammer : yes we would attack someone if he cheated couse he dont play fear
Nijel : ok
Hammer : and for each person who cheat, people who dont will lag behind couse of it
Hammer : the problem is to prove they cheat
Nijel : So, about v2 features
Hammer : hehe
Nijel : What do you think about energy ?
Hammer : well it sucks
Hammer : couse at it is now the stasis and HG feature is useless
Hammer : we simply dont generate anough energy to use stasis ir HG effective
Nijel : For my part, I think stasis should have the capacity to be enabled when ennemies fleets are here...:p
Hammer : the feature that u use your own energy to port of a planet is cool
Hammer : yes if its gonna be like now i agree with you
Hammer : then the stasis feature with energy drain would work
Nijel : Well, In one other vision, stasis would be only effective the night
Nijel : And this new feature seems a disadvantage for occasional players of Hyp ( less than 1 hour by day )
Nijel : Was saying to my future pres that...people of USA and Canada will be a great plus for alliances now :p
Hammer : yeah they always were
Hammer : I always want to have them in my alliance
Hammer : and in the leadership
Hammer : couse they area real assett
Nijel : lol ^^
Hammer : well not all of them are to polite i must add
Hammer : or trustworty
Hammer : but dont quote me on that :)
Nijel : lol
Nijel : Would have be fun :'(
Nijel : Anyway
Nijel : So, What do you think about the "cast"
Nijel : Don't know if it is the good term in english
Nijel : In a alliance
Nijel : A secure member list
Nijel : It is based on the rank :
Nijel : Do you think it is very usefull ?
Hammer : ah i like that feature, but it should have been done otherwice
Hammer : like the PResident deside who can know and not
Hammer : atm a spy can have the same rank as annyone else
Hammer : so basicaly it dont give much security
Hammer : we all start at the same rank
Hammer : it gives some, but most alliances stop taking noobs in they core alliance after a while
Nijel : Yeah true...and in the v1, people who have the greatest ranks are not well...all the time the more actives :p
Hammer : so they dont get access annyway
Hammer : wery tr00
Nijel : What do you think about bombers ?
Hammer : I would have a alliance of 50 real active noobs than a alliance of 100 huge players who are newer there
Nijel : Well...I'm totally agree with you...I'm member of JoL you know :p
Hammer : Well bombers can be usefull, but its a bit against our honour part in the alliance
Hammer : that means we wount use them first, but if others use it against us we "might" use them back. But not if there are other alliances who can be affected
Nijel : But if they can took 10 gas, they would be probably in each fleets of the galaxy
Hammer : yeah maybe right
Hammer : but they are to expencive to be used and thats good
Hammer : remember u only need to have a good scout defence and the bombers are history
Nijel : Well bombers now cost 1000 of upkeep and cruiser 7200, so it is quite different :p
Nijel : Yes, I think it will be like that ^^^
Hammer : yeah i think for the sake of the game bombers should be extreamly expencive
Hammer : or we wil lhave bombing all the time
Hammer : and the whole playing experince will be sacked
Hammer : of vcourse this is just a feeling, i dont know how it will work yet
Hammer : and a slow game ( by civilisation )
Nijel : Some lasts questions
Hammer : ok
Nijel : Which players you would be very carefull about in v2 ?
Hammer : well one1 is dangerous, but not unbeatable
Nijel : ( think my question is not in a good english :p )
Nijel : Same question, with alliances
Hammer : i basicaly respect all players couse they all have different qualities.
Hammer : well anny alliance who have alot of good players
Nijel : ( You look-like very much to Lefty :p )
Hammer : it hard to tell
Hammer : but i would look out for Ryu :)
Nijel : lol ^^
Hammer : my experince is that u newer know who wil be dangerouse or not
Hammer : it all depends on how things work out
Nijel : There is too many people to be sure on how the things will go out :p
Hammer : yeah
Hammer : but that the fun part of the game
Hammer : the first alliance to realy get a hold of a quadrant will prolly rule a long time. if they are fear
Hammer : if they play bad guys all other alliances will go after them after a while
Nijel : ^^
Hammer : Respect is the key word i think
Nijel : Well, Hyperiums is a game, so you have nothing to lose with it ;)
Hammer : tr00
Hammer : but we all get a bit to much involved some times
Hammer : and I repsect all people who give respect to others
Nijel : So, last question, a link with your sentence
Nijel : How much time per day do you play ( Hyperiums ^^ )
Hammer : those who think thye are fucking greate and all others are lamers get no respect from me
Hammer : well hehe
Hammer : hmm
Hammer : depends
Nijel : I agree with you but I think that cheat kill a great part of this possible respect :/
Hammer : if not other things to do
Hammer : normal days at least 6 hours
Hammer : but again it can be only one day
Hammer : the problem is that beeing a alliance leader take alot of time of your hhands
Hammer : but if you have a good leadership u can leave for a moths and all goes well.
Hammer : I did that this summer and pakradja runned =@= wuite wel lwith the help from Virus for me.
Hammer : pardon my spelling :)
Nijel : no problem
Nijel : I forget something :p
Hammer : oh
Nijel : What do you think about influence ?
Nijel : ( would be the last question)
Nijel : means civilisation
Hammer : influence is a greate tool
Nijel : That makes more growth of population, technologies available, etc..
Hammer : yeah its is totaly greate i think
Hammer : it makes the game a bit more complex
Hammer : hehe you might add that im married to zita
Hammer : the first president of -0-
Hammer : ^^
Nijel : Met in the game ?
Hammer : no
Hammer : i started to play a month after i meet here i think
Nijel : Ok ^^
Hammer : annything more ?
Hammer : dinners ready :)
Nijel : No, If I found a special question, will ask you by hypmail :p
Nijel : Thanks a lot
Hammer : ok no prob
Hammer : send me the link to the page too
Nijel : Still in french, But I'm planning to do in english if it is sucessfull
Hammer : ok cool
Hammer : i would make it in English
Hammer : all pages with interwiews and stuff usualy are
Nijel : Well, the site is member of, which is...probably the great french site about MMPORG but there was no site on hyperiums :'( So I do the things steps by steps
Hammer : but now im off to eat if there isnt more?
Nijel : No, nothing more
Hammer : ok
Hammer : take care
Hammer : and see you in v2 :)
Nijel : see you :)


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