[EN]Interview de Master


Nijel : Hi
Master : Hello
Master : Who is this?^^
Nijel : I'm Nijel...hum, a...well reporter ?
Master : *confused*
Master : Enlighten me please ;)
Nijel : hyperiums.jeuxonline.info/ I've already interviewed some presidents ( website are in french, I'm trying to get people to translate it, but don't have suceed already
Master : Ah
Nijel : I've interviewed Durnan, Jenar, Hammer, Armitage, Quark, Mordoc, pakradja, Kronos and are interviewing One1 by hypmail :p
Master : Well I can't translate that's for sure :p
Master : Which alliance are you ?
Nijel : I'm SNF in v2, but that have no importance
Nijel : ( has hum...hum ok my english is not good ;) )
Master : heh
Master : It's better than my French ;)
Master : Ok shoot with your questions, I may be a little slow to respond, I am attending to some things atm
Master : And eating a nice cake
Nijel : ERf ok, we will a do short thing
Master : *grins*
Master : Nah make it aslong as you like
Master : I am in no hurry, just may get contacted by some HC members in next few mins ^^
Nijel : Hum, hi Zeus, ...hum I'm going to ask you questions about game, and all this sort of things, but I even don't know who you are ( in fact, just a little bit, not too much ;) )...so who you are ? ;)
Master : Me?
Master : meh... Doctor Evil, mwahahaha, all your bases belong to me.. or they will.. ;)
Master : On a more serious note
Master : I am a student, currently doing his A-levels located in Liverpool - England
Nijel : Well, what is A-levels ?)
Master : The subjects I am studying, or supposed to be, when hyp isn't taking up my time, are Business Studies, Economics, LAW & Psycholohy
Nijel : ok
Master : They are advanced level qualifications, you need them to go to University whilst you are under the age of 21
Master : They last 2 years, just aslong as you pass satisfactory for the Uni' you wish to enter... otherwise you would have to stay on for another year.
Master : But anyway, I am going off on a tangent here
Master : You have any beer? ;)
Nijel : Hum, no sorry, I don't usually drink alcohol :p
Master : Ah... you shouldn't, it's bad for your health * Zeus[E] looks at his health
Master : poor, too much alcohol
Master : bah, you only live once :o)
Nijel : Well, I can live 2 lives of an alcohol drinkers :p
Master : Pamynx!
Nijel : But anyway, how have you begin the game ? How have you get some important fonctions in an alliance ( if you have ) ?
Master : Sorry for that outburst, was just mentioning a good friend of mine for fun.
Master : Well
Master : I began just after Durnan, I remember him telling me so quite some time ago
Master : ~May 2001
Master : On my first day of hyperiums I skimmed through the hyp help files... never understood them much at all
Master : So I decided to start my alliance... under the nickname Master, with a very original name.. T.M.A
Master : AKA "The Master Alliance"
Master : *smiles*
Nijel : So you are Master ? oO
Master : Not TMA, they were different, though I still to this day have no idea what it was.
Master : rofl, yes... you didn't know that? * Zeus[E] gives Nijel some Vodka
Nijel : No, take it ;) ...Hum No Wasn't
Master : Maybe it will help you better your information web, so you know who you actually interviewing in future :) * Zeus[E] drinks the Vodka Nijel rejected *sniff*
Master : You wish to continue with the interview? ;)
Nijel : Too much nicknames to one round to one other :p
Nijel : Yes
Master : True, True
Nijel : Hum, what is your alliance in v2 ? Its objectives
Master : Well in the Beta it is SIGMA (ALPHA/BETA/GAMMA/ZETA)
Master : Wasn't really a success, however it was intended to be
Master : I have been away for the last 2 weeks, had some real life stuff to deal with, and was a little ill
Master : It was basically just to provide a tag for some players I recruited before the V2, to find out which of them I should invite into my real V2 alliance.
Master : I am currently in the process of selecting those members.. we'll reduce the memberlist by ~50%
Master : OMG, you wouldn't believe what pages I have open atm..
Master : "Poisonous Garden Plants Lists"
Master : rofl
Nijel : Hum, well, was expecting some thing other, anyway ;)
Master : I think the search result brought up the wrong result :p
Nijel : So your alliance in v2 was a sort of test ? But there is some "great" players in it...will they be in your "true" alliance ?
Master : hehe, you shouldn't think that way.. your Mother wouldn't be impressed *smiles*
Master : Yes, hopefully, however we will loose quite a few I am certain, due to the fact I only intended for my alliance to provide a tag for my members to experience the 4 week BETA testing period
Nijel : Well, it is the interview of Lucos who makes this effect on me...but well, you will know when you will read it :p
Master : Whilst other alliances played... well more "seriously"
Master : Like _D*_
Master : Who, demanded me to expand in certain zones and leave theirs
Master : Silly things like that de-motivated me from playing a timed beta furthermore
Nijel : So, you have no good relations with Kronos/PaxRomana at this time ?
Master : Hence, SIGMA -> De-motivated group of players for the most part
Master : Not at this time
Master : Just an AC as far as I was aware, which they don't respect
Master : But that's another story
Nijel : Now, about the v2
Master : In the real V2, people will see the true face of my "inactive" alliance.. hmm ;)
Nijel : What is your general feeling ?
Master : With regard to what? The features?
Master : Well it is certainly not Round 2
Master : I was dissapointed with that...
Master : Best round I ever played
Master : But back to the topic of V2
Master : It looks quite promising.. but I don't think what I like is the actual features, more so the chance to start over, from an equal level with all players.
Nijel : What features exactly don't you like ?
Master : I really dislike the trading system and the fact that ranking is still dependent upon cash investments.
Master : So the "fake" ranking still exists.
Master : However, I haven't seriously played the V2... I have spent the little time online as of late working on my alliances V2 re-structuring
Master : Maybe you should go and interview somebody who played the beta more seriously than me.. ^^
Nijel : Well, So though your "inactivity" :p, have you a particular mind about some new features ? ( energy, fleets selling, trade, military management, civilisation, ... )
Master : Oh, yes.. I forgot there is one thing I dislike
Master : The way in which the universe forms
Master : I prefered the old standard logical co-ordinate system.. not the zones formation and the like
Master : Now you have alliances staking claim to certain zones.. and saying "This is ours" blah blah ^^
Nijel : Well, It makes the thing more clear.
Nijel : Was same before ;)
Master : And the massive dependency on energy seems to be quite a bad feature
Master : But that will depend on how effective the "energy blast" tech is
Nijel : :p Unfortunately you don't have test it...ok so ;)
Master : If it is massively effective, then I think the energy dependency may become a really de-motivating feature for the players, alongside the trade system
Master : I would just like to make one unrelated comment
Nijel : hum, do you mean I shall not publish it ?
Master : The strict moderation rules in the GD are totally gay
Nijel : lol
Master : Allowing morons in the forums to post as they wish and the like, helps to show them for the idiots they are
Master : It's hard to learn who the "sucking" guys in hyperiums are anymore with such strict moderation
Master : Don't you think?
Master : It has also taken away a lot of the fun of the GD
Nijel : Hum, I think it is a consequence of the absence of the "edit" function
Nijel : So, You don't have too much things to say on the v2 :p
Master : Yes I agree
Master : Not really
Nijel : We have now to go on, with the "general" questions
Master : Just that it seems T9H will be the target of numerous alliances immediatley in V2
Nijel : Well, I think T9H with LOC and MASK will be very difficult to target :p
Master : I wouldn't say that, but I think that is common knowledge, due to their highly aggressive technique
Master : hehe, they will work together?
Nijel : no
Nijel : No, they won't :p
Nijel : But it seems to be that they are the more dangerous alliance of this beta
Master : Yes
Master : I must agree
Nijel : ( If they work together, Hyp won't be a game anymore :p but fortunately some LOC doesn't like at all T9HV2)
Master : T9H obliterated us in zone 6 at the start :P
Master : Oh btw, you should forget T9H, LOC and MASK in V2
Master : Eternity will be back, full force, in one form or another ;)
Master : *grins*
Nijel : lol
Nijel : So, some questions about you and your opinions...
Nijel : What are the more powerfull, or fearfull player for you ?
Nijel : ( or dangerous )
Master : Dangerous?
Master : hmm... surely YourMother
Nijel : Well, means they are good ennemies ;)
Master : I think a lot of people forget about this guy, his great ability in strategy and the fact that he never seems to go away.
Master : One1 cannot compare to the likes of YourMother and Gabrielle.
Nijel : You don't like One1 ?
Master : I must add, Gabrielle has to be the best all round player of hyperiums
Master : Not really...
Master : I think he is a loud mouth who tries to take credit for things he didn't play a major part in ;)
Nijel : Hum ^^
Nijel : In contrary, what players don't you like at all ?
Master : There are not really any players I have a serious dislike for
Master : It's a game, you must keep that in the front of your mind when you come into conflicts and arguments
Master : Back in round 2, I was a little less controlled and much more of a hot head
Master : There wasn't many people I didn't hate... ;)
Nijel : Wasn't playing round2 :p
Master : heh
Master : You should of been
Master : It was great :o)
Master : Any other questions?
Nijel : Hum, ...about your activity...you have said you're quite inactive
Nijel : But, normally, how many hours do you play at hyp per day ?
Master : hmm
Master : In my prime? I will come in from college, at around 5pm and I will stay online until 00:00 ^^
Nijel : Ok, 7-8 hours per day :p
Master : Some weekends I will spend all my time playing hyperiums, whilst on many, I will party on the friday and Satarday, hence will be online on Sunday all day... hung over ;)
Nijel : Your best moments at hyp ?
Master : hmm, that's a difficult one
Nijel : lol ^^
Master : To see ~1.5b of Ro* and our allied fleets at one of Erod's planets in defense against a One1 and friends BH attempt on his planets
Master : Those size of fleets were not seen very much at all, and to see on a Ro* planet, an alliance which started many, many months after all others and on neutral planets
Master : It was very satisfying, as I was the one who named the alliance and worked with kronos to create it.
Master : And on the contrary
Master : Once of the worst moments was seeing the fleet blackholed
Master : I lost my motivation to play and went inactive... this was an attack during our war with Pol..
Master : IMO FEAR had no reason, but being vultures to attack us in such a war, which we had fought so hard to get the advantage in.
Master : Another best/worst moment in hyp
Master : When I was kicked from RA 6 weeks before the end of round 2
Master : I knew the reset was coming, so I was bored and playing around a lot, breaking a few rules and such
Master : After I was kicked, within the immediate 5 days afterwards
Master : A total of 72 players attacked me, and I held military rank of 1 for 5 days
Nijel : Erf
Master : This is why I had such a dislike for Flyer during round 3, and part of the reason why I prefered to crush Pol rather than allow them to survive when I had the chance
Master : I had a few planets tagged Pol
Master : It was my second alliance and Flyer was a very close friend, he even gave me one of his own planets in my core.
Master : After the RA kick, Pol like RA's puppet as always kicked me.. however he ordered Pol to teleport to my planets and attack, and he did so also.
Master : That was the lowest moment of my hyps history I believe, seeing somebody I seen as such a close ally betray me in such a way..
Master : The kick didn't bother me, just the abuse of my trust
Master : I think you can understand that ^^
Nijel : Hum, Why were you kicked from RA exactly ?
Nijel : I mean
Nijel : the rules you break
Master : Well I had my own alliance on the outskirts of -/+
Master : We owned numerous complete pages and defeated NATO and O|O in that area
Master : An RA player was in the area, a member had some problems with him and threatened to attack
Master : I spoke to the member and offered to pay him a lot of cash for his planets (Something like 50xTI of each planet) and help them find some replacements
Master : He rejected, reported it to RA HC
Master : I was kicked
Master : Nothing too serious, but I was causing problems in general, I wanted to start a war with OMEGA.. hmm :)
Master : There was no NAP but RA didn't like it, more specifically levi.. there may aswell had been a NAP
Master : Oh, and one last great moment
Master : Watching the number one, Damocles be bashed with front view seats
Master : (I had 5 of his planets captive)
Master : He was OMEGA -> POL tag switcher, and RA wouldn't let me attack, so I took him captive :)
Master : I even had 3 of his PEEC planets captive after his bash.. just a case of goodluck I guess
Master : Was fun :)
Nijel : hum, some question I forget...
Nijel : Why the greeks letter for the name of yours alliance ?
Master : No specific reason, just a nice tag while we decide a permanent one for the real V2
Master : Of which we still haven't decided :P
Nijel : LoL ok
Nijel : One last word to add ?
Master : hmmm
Master : I love you Nijel, give me a kiss and drink more beer *smiles* * Zeus[E] waves to the reader... oh yes, I love too too *GaY kIsS*
Master : :o)
Nijel : Hum...
Nijel : Well :p
Master : You're worried about me? :P
Nijel : I've a last question in fact.
Nijel : Something I decided to ask, to close the interview
Master : Don't worry... I am still the biggest fan of Shakira and Britney Spears :op
Master : That's fine, np ^^
Nijel : What is your beloved ...erf the alcohol did have some effects on you :p
Nijel : What is your beloved food ?
Master : hmmm
Master : Carling!
Master : Oops, you said food not alcohol, right?
Master : It's a hard one ;p
Nijel : ^^
Master : hmm
Master : Snails and Frog's legs * Zeus[E] goes frenchy style :o)
Nijel : Hum hum, I don't think it is a french answer :p only a french..."cliché" about us :p
Nijel : Ok, thanks for this great interview :O)
Master : Oh well.. snails and frogs roxor * Zeus[E] thinks about eating them.. and vomits ^^
Master : No problem, it was a pleasure :o)
Master : I hope our paths will cross again in the future
Master : Maybe we can even make some action together in the real V2, you never know ^^
Nijel : Well, maybe^^


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