Interview avec Foolio, ancien pres de CK

Nijel: Everybody knew it ( well, near everybody ) : the Coalition ( means the federation SC/VN/KE/QC/BM, CA/CK and GREEN ) is broken...Why ? By who ?

Foolio: We never wanted to be in a dominating coalition. We just wanted to enjoy the game by playing with our allies. At the same time our allies just happened to be the most powerful alliances in the game. There is no need for a coalition. We know who our allies are and who we can depend on.

Nijel: Of which ally you are speaking ? From what I speak with Durnan, I suppose it is SC, so what has changed in the power of the federation ?

Foolio: Our allies are who we trust. I'm not going to outline here who they are as that would give away a lot. As for the federation I don't feel it's my place to discuss what I know of them as their leaders have told me information in confidence, not to share.

Nijel: Even if these informations, in part, have been published on the GD ?

Foolio: Income and fleets are important to be powerful in this game, but information is 10 times as valuable. For me to just give away certain information is foolish. I don't know what's on the general forum as I don't read most threads in there. So no, even if it's on the GD forum, I won't discuss it.

Nijel: I think you are knowing about the last events of the galaxy, the attack of AKIRA by SOA...and the pact concluded between ETHER and SC against AKIRA/DUKE/BSNRS/ you think we face the bigger war of the round ( since the beginning I mean ! ) or not ? What do you think in fact about the situation ?

Foolio: I don't what to make of these battles. I think it will be very involved initially and there are many things that can change the tide of the situation.

Nijel: True. Well, it seems there is no more to say about the actuality of Hyperiums, so let's go back to the alliance you are CK and CA right now ? How CK and CA deal with trading ? And why Delgurth is now displayed as president of both ?

Foolio: CK is doing well as is CA and CS. I can't go into detail on our trading system but I think it's pretty obvious to everyone that we have a system that's currently unparalleled in this game. It's actually pretty simple thoguh. Delgurth has been president of both for some time now. I handed the presidency over to him voluntarily about 5 or 6 weeks ago.

Nijel: Could you explain what is CS ?

Foolio: CS is Crimson Squires. It's just another subset of CK and CA. It's a recrutment alliance.

Nijel: About CK...I hearded there was some little tensions between GREEN and CK about trade in the central cluster ( which is shared ), because the system of trade CK use a tool that, obsviously, is "secure", so intern to the alliance...has this problem been solved ? If yes, how ?

Foolio: Yes, it's been solved. The problem was in that we did not fully explain to our allies why we were trading as we were. They thought it was a selfish method until they realized our reasons. Even then this didn't cause much tension. Green is a very close ally to CK and always will be.

Nijel: You're commodore, and high top-ranked. Do you want to share some good tricks about planets and influs ? Do you infiltrate for example ?

Foolio: The secret was simply a solid start and good investing. I started out quickly establishing my core as did most of CK. Initially we just invested in influence as was necessary as the return was slow and we only needed it for the techs. But as our incomes grew we found that by purely investing in influence regularly our incomes grew at an incredible rate. So we've just used that. What I do personally is to invest 50% to 70% of my income per day into influence. I make sure and invest as much as I can every day right before the influence tick to get the desired returns that I want. I keep a large savings but it's always tempting to throw it all into influence. I have no captives and no vassals. Of the top ranked players, the top 10, the only players that purely are ranked on their influence (no captives or vassals), are myself, Dirtball, Farfadet, MacDaddy, and possibly hammer. The top 4 are all taking their rankings from vassals or captives. I think it's kinda cheap to do that but I've no real issues with it. Many people don't realize how amazingly foolish it is with the current systems to ever donate cash or to take a vassal/lord. It's a complete waste.

Nijel: You invest a lot in peace time, because your income grows regulary, and more quickier that by other way...but So, you have a banking, "in case of"...and a huge amount of factories to be quickly ready if war is broke out ? How do you manage your factories and military stuffs ?

Foolio: Like I said before I spend about 50% to 70% or so every day on influence. I keep a smaller fleet than most (only about 15% of my upkeep) but I have many more factories than most. I try now to buy at least another 2000 factories every day. I'm at 50,000 right now which will allow me to create very quickly anything that I need. I also create more fleets every day to keep my military growing steadily. The key to my tactic is this. Its' a gamble just like everyone on top of hyperiums has to gamble. It's a gamble in that if a HUGE fleet landed on me right now I would go down. Plain and simple. But, it's not a gamble in that I have the most precious commodity in hyperiums. Information. Information is key. I always know who's coming and when they're coming. I monitor every allaince and I know what they're doing at all times. I monitor financial rankings to see who's spending cash and who's saving. I monitor military rankings to see if any alliance is building up quickly. Through methods of this sort (and other secret ones that I won't share) as well as through the information network I have in place I know pretty much everything that happens before it happens. I've allies in places that most people can't even comprehend.

Nijel: You were saying in the last interview, that the v2 was unfinished, and the beginning of this round will be as the end of the beta...You have said that there would be soon an hard or soft reset I quote you : "I think we'll see a hard reset within 3 months and that this official V2 release will be the real beta test in my mind. Or the second phase of the beta. " What's your new opinion ?

Foolio: After the beta DaGod changed many of the systems that I felt were messed up. He's done a great job and now I don't think we'll need a soft or a hard reset at all. The main trouble was with the trading system and he's since fixed it and everything is working great now. So I don't think a reset will happen even within the next 6 months.

Nijel: Well, to ask another question about the v2 said rightly that nobody will knows what will happens in futur, about resources decreasing. But hadn't you any idea at all ? Don't you think about a preparation of move, or something like that to solve the problem ? From what I see, nobody care about it at the moment ( they may be surprised after all ^^ ).

Foolio: I'm quite prepared. We're already calculating exactly when it is that planets are going to start failing and what to do when that happens. We've several different alternatives we're mulling over at this point.

Nijel: Well I've nothing more to add at the moment, and you ?

Foolio: I love pink elephant questions! I've little to add. People need to just loosen up and have fun in this game. Regardless of what anyone thinks I have a blast and that's why I spend a lot of time on here. It's great for me. As long as people remember why they're hear then everyone has a good time. Répondre


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